Daly Bread

By admin on November 23, 2016 in Bakeries, Frontpage
“I guess one of the reasons people buy it is because it is so filling; it feels like they actually eat something,” Trevor says. But there are other compelling reasons too: The radical difference, in taste and texture, to over-processed supermarket bread; the natural ingredients; the visual appeal of those fire-baked crusts; the noble cause of supporting locals. And of course there’s a little bit of psychology at play: it FEELS luxurious to take a designer item home. Quality is the very reason for Trevor’s career choice. “Bread-baking is something that’s always interested me – ever since we visited Kleinplasie as school kids. From a food perspective, I realised while I was overseas that there’s a big difference between the stuff in our supermarkets and good bread. At that stage South Africans didn’t yet know what good olive oil tasted like, or real parmesan cheese…or good bread.”

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