Pie in the Sky Bakery

By admin on November 23, 2016 in Bakeries, Frontpage
“Pie in the sky bakery was born out of the successful Coimbra Bakery retail store, an institution in the southern suburbs of Cape Town for over 50 years. Starting in 1992, the business has grown and diversified, previously supplying predominantly pies to more recently specialising in artisanal breads, rolls, pastries and small confectionery products. Pie in the sky has remained a major supplier to local trade for over 23 years. The consistently competitive quality and reliability of Pie in the Sky’s service as well as the ability to adapt to changes in the market, has resulted in on-going trading relationships with the likes of food groups and airline service providers to mention a few.”

General Queries: info@pie-in-the-sky.co.za
Website: www.pie-in-the-sky.co.za
Phone: 021 683 3050
Hotline: 079 230 5182