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    Cheese Griller Quiche

    This Cheese griller quiche recipe is the perfect to freeze baked or unbaked. Served with a fresh green salad on the side.   Recipe by Annelien Pienaar.

    65 min


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    Annelien Pienaar’s Banoffee pie (Bananna and toffee)

    Annelien pienaar's traditional Banoffee pie made according to the propper Canadian style. The pastry used for the crust is a perfect basic pastry recipe you can use for any other style of tart eg. lemon mirangue and condensed milk tarts.

    0 min


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    Flaked coconut and berry rusks

    Here is a truly healthy rusk recipe packed with vitamins, minerals and omegas to feed mind and body. And incredibly delicious - to feed the soul.   Recipe by Annelien Pienaar.

    0 min


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    Heleen Meyer’s Tomato & chorizo tart

    This tart can be served as a light meal or as a savoury tart at tea time. The pastry can also be used for various other recipes. Chorizo has a very specific flavour, but it works really well with tomatoes.

    0 min


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    Konfyt Skywe

    In teh past, our moms nd grans learned how to work magic with one, simple dough recipe. This is one of those dough recipes. it is extrmely versatile and we will show you how to work your own bit of magic with it.

    50 min


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    Choc-oh-my Muffins!

    When last did you enjoy a soft and moist muffin, that is super easy to make ? Well, here  is as simle recipe, no need to even take out your mixer.    

    45 min


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    Speculaas koekies met Annelien se eie speserye resep

    Speculaas is a classic Dutch biscuit/ cookie and the ideal treat for the coming colder months. The spices are also great for carrot cake, date, ginger or banana bread- even soup! Recipe provided by: Annelien Pienaar  

    1455 min


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    Eureka Mills 100% Pure Rye Bread

      Rye bread has a wonderful earthy flavour. It's chewy texture lends itself to a good dollop of cream cheese or serve with your choice cured meat and pickles.  

    140 min


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    Basic Sourdough Bread

    A Traditionally french shaped bread. Allow yourself about 3-4 hours for the mixing, folding and saping of the dough to be placed in the fridge for overnight proving. (If you are new to bread making youu can place the dough in a buttered bread tin and let it proof overnight instead of using a bread basket/ banneton.)  

    1020 min


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    Homemade Rusks

    These rusks are so easy to make and high in fibre. The buttermilk gives it a lovely texture, without the need for eggs. Heleen Meyer

    85 min


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    White bread recipe- Bread machine

    This is a simple white bread recipe and makes the most perfect white loaf for your family. Make sure the size of the an will provide enough bread at once for the size of your family. Believe me, buy the biggest size in order to save time, money and electricity for the long term.   Small: 350g-375g Flour Medium: 450g-450g Flour Large: 600g Flour   Trouble Shooting: If the bread falls in/flat: The moisture content needs to be 65% if the moisture content is higher than 70% the bread will collaps. The bread sticks to your pan: You need some oiliness in your recipe. If your bread comes out doughy and not evenly rissen:You will need to change the setting to brown bread so that the prooving time is longer. Annelien Pienaar

    60 min


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    Cranberry whole wheat rusks

    This recipe is delicious and ample. These rusks are filling, containing all kinds of healthy brain food. Flax seeds contains Omega's that feed the brain. This is why it is so important to eat healthy food in the mornings. Note : Flax seed needs to be cracked in order to release the oil it contains Annelien Pienaar

    70 min


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    White milkbread (bread maker)

    The Bread machine To summarise this machine, can be used for multi purposes like baking bread with yeast, baking quick breads containing baking powder and baking soda e.g. carrot cake, bananna bread, and even some cakes. Using the bread maker it is very important to read the manual as not all bread makers are the same. Note that it is most important to layer your ingredients correctly, most bread makers you layer your liquid first then the dry ingredients following by the raising agents... The recipe follows by Small, meduim and large. Annelien Pienaar

    50 min


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    Homemade Whole wheat stoneground pasta

    For this recipe Annelien Pienaar used Lanzerac Pinotage as the liquid component for making pasta. Stoneground, unbleached Eureka Mills flours has beed used to compliment the wine. The end results is a silky smooth pasta with the hint of nuts and fruits. But of coursee you can use plain water instead of the wine. Note: To darken the pasta use dark cacao (substitute 25g flour with 25g Cacao) Annelien Pienaar  

    90 min


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    Braided egg bread

    Traditionally this Braided egg bread is called a challah. Challah referred to a small bit of dough that was set aside as an offering to a God. A challah today is more of an "special occasion" bread because of the time and effort that goes into making it. This braided egg bread makes an perfect snack served with olive oiland fresh herbs while having guests over.  

    55 min


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    Almond & sunflower bread

    This is my all time favourite healthy bread. I love the elements and textures of this bread and how well it completes a dish at eiher lunch or breakfast, especially if you are having friends over for lunch.

    60 min


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    Honey & oat bread

    I am not quite sure which is better, the warm bread fresh out of the oven or the toast it makes the next day- that's if there is anything left. The sweet flavour of the honey really adds something to this bread and the buttermilk gives a wonderful texture. Stoneground flour is another important ingreient, as the courser txture of the bread gives it that real homemade feel. This is such an easy bread to bake, that even th unexperienced bread baker, will be able to follow the instructions and serve a warm bread fro their own oven in no time. Heleen Meyer

    80 min


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    Brioche is a pastry of french origin that is similar to a highly enriched bread, and the high egg and butter content give it a rich and tender crumb, and flaky crust, frequently accentuated by an egg wash applied after proofing.

    180 min


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    Vetkoek is a traditional South African fried dough bread. It is either served filled with cooked mince or with syrup,honey,cheese or jam.

    30 min


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    Focaccia is a type Italian yeast bread baked in flat sheet pans, flavoured with olive oil and traditionally topped with herbs. Note: This recipe you can decide what topping works best for you.. Always nice to add some lemon zest for extra flavour..

    145 min